Don’t Love An Introvert


DSC_0943Don’t love an introvert if you are not prepared to embrace our eccentricities. You’d understand why we look fragile like a night breeze, soft like a passing wind but deadly like a tropical storm. We come with a warning of falling out of love ends you up to a suicide club. So, just don’t.

Don’t love an introvert. You’d be left mopping the floor and stitching broken holes. You’ll end up hating yourself more than you hate us. You’ll end up hating the world because the universe is between us. You’ll end up having nightmares during the night and having zombie moments during daylight. You’ll be talking to our imagined presence and smelling things we’ve touched. Again, don’t.

London1We don’t argue for the sake of conversations. We don’t incite thoughts and challenge ideas for the sake of small talks. The sad part is we always take a moment to think…

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