Like a storm,

yearns for calm,

I want you in my arms,

To shelter you from harm.

Daughter of the Nile,

Bless me with your smile,

I want to see your glow,

Like watching sunsets ashore.

You draw me in like an undertow,

And I adore you more.

You will always have my ears,

If that allayed your fears,

To listen to you flow,

In the gentle whispers you know.

Take me away,

with every word you say,

making me dream in the day,

Thinking of a way,

Back to your heart,

You had mine from the start.


Nyankiir is a dinka name for girls. Its a combination of Nyan- girl and Kiir (a name given to boys). Kiir is also a reference to a river or stream. Nyankiir literally translates to “Daughter of the River”