untitled #1

Stop me like a gauze,

I think I had an overdose.

I found comfort in the panic,

And forgot how to be ecstatic,

My thoughts are rather erratic,

Tearing into the fabric,

Of thinly veiled worlds,

My eyes masked with blindfolds.





Home is a door to a house I see no more,

Where the walls are rocky, solid to the core.

Yet crushing when the tears start to fall.

So why won’t I make the call?


Days spent like this, chasing the abyss,

Thinking I’d never get a chance like this,

Yet I can’t stand to breathe all alone,

These memories are not my own.


I can’t pay back what I owe, that I know,

this doubt only seems to grow,

in obstinate ingratitude and rebellion,

coz this house started to feel like a prison.


How do you catch a dream, without tearing a seam?

I could only ever become undone, it would seem,

By the hopeless costs that have been rendered a must,

And pay the bill when it matters the most.

Serendipity be kind

The ocean kisses the sunset

Like a shadowed silhouette,

I gasp for breaths out of etiquette,

Admiring your darkened hue.


I mean my stomach is too tight,

When I walk home alone at night,

Hoping that everything is alright,

Just thinking of you.


I have only photographs to view,

I’d write letters if they gave a preview,

To the state of mind of my purview,

Or Am I just playing to your cue?


Questions asked like egregious tasks,

I find beauty behind your cracked masks.

Floating on the ocean half mast,

Would the waves bring me home to you?


There is a clout at the back of my throat

Chocking as this feeling, sink or float

Come to the fore of my mind.

I’m blind, anger robs me with this throb,

A pulse too tight and nothing feels alright.

Drowning in this, I took a sip

Why does everything cut so deep?




Give me this black sun,

So that when am done,

You’d feel my skin burn.


Etched on this lithograph,

Would be the photograph

Of lost smiles from my epitaph,


Don’t mourn me too long,

I’m a hearty song

Remembered at times wrong.

Letters home

Sometimes this empty space hurts,

Like a child’s sudden growths spurt,

Does the innocence so predestined,

Come to an end; unrefined.

When I don’t know,

What dropped your jaw?

Or what made my stomach gnaw?

Those feelings, so raw, become you,

While I got lost too.

Between the empty eyes I call home,

Finding peace in rolling storms, I roam,

Blind to the dread seeping in,

I worry like its sin,

That nothing ever stays within,

The four walls that cage us in,

My mind is on a spin,

Tracking where I fit in all this,

Do I only ever seek to please?

Or am I made of more bliss,

Crawling between the shades,

Bleeding black like hades,

I let my pen dip,

And let my soul drip.


Does a seed,

Drifting in its creed,

Guided by the wind,

Learn to find,

A home in a cloud?



I’m too proud,

A schemer with his doubts,

I have had my bouts.

Like a king in autumn,

Wasted moments damn.



I’d forgotten that a kindled smile,

Lasts only for a short while,

wondering, do roses grow in the dark?

My eyes have been coated black,

Yet I feel the budding vine,

Creeping into my spine,

Shredding with thorns,

As I learn to trim my horns.



Will I rest in my grave?

I don’t know how to behave!

When you lit the fire,

I felt the ire and desire,

To grow whole.

Truth be told,

I’ve grown too bold,

If I gave you a rose,

Will my scent reach your nose?

Stars Aligned

I didn’t read the signs; you did,

I only got the hit from cupid,

And recognized you as my own,

Adorned in a beautiful crown,

The stars aligned showing the way,

I’d never have known what to say,

Seeing you like this makes me sway,

To the rhythm of love, any day.


I don’t want you to go,

Until I get to know,

What makes me miss?

Your smile and kiss.

Why it feels like bliss?

holding you like this,

thinking only of now,

and how I’d allow,

Myself to get lost.

You are doing the most,

Keeping me on my toes,

In search of a single prose,

To tell you what it feels,

Rocking on my heels,

Blushing deep inside,

And trying to hide,

This wretched smile,

I’ve had for a while.


I watched a love die once;

Starved of every ounce,

Doused in a liquored haze,

Then set ablaze.

The pieces drifting in the wind,

Lost to all left behind.

Images stuck in my mind,

The empty stare trying to find,

Words that could speak truth,

A story of our youth,

Innocence lost to the froth,

That killed us both.

From this righteous course,

I carried this withered rose,

A reminder of the great loss,

Losing you was.

When the tears dried,

With nowhere left to hide,

I saw the rose wither,

And I grew bitter,

It was too cold,

Nothing left to hold.

Maybe I was the flame,

And you were the same,

We burnt up too bright,

In the dying light.