Our eyes meet mid-stride, The shy smile you try to hide, Warm and inviting me to your side, If I find words bridging the divide, Don’t look away before I have my say, I like the way you look today, So would you stay; make my day, Or will you again come my way? I … Continue reading Coy


I have been on the roam, On a thousand roads home, none leading back to your smile, So would you wait a while? Its selfish to ask, But I have put myself to task, Wracking my brain, For a single thought train, To explain why it's not the same, Saying your name. Vague and vain, … Continue reading Stranded


Look how far we've fallen Out of touch, And as such, Your eyes are swollen. With a tight lip, And a sudden gulp Your heart beaten to a pulp Too broken to keep. I wait out the silence, Until you shudder, To revel in my plunder, With acts of violence. I wrote songs of pride, … Continue reading Rebel


I remember the laugh like an echo, Haunting as I rushed for the door. I pause, thought about the awkward pose Moments before I gave her a rose. In my mind she was the flame, Convincing me to forget my name, Maybe I'm still the same, Stuck in a neurotic blame game. I worshiped her … Continue reading NUDE


Why does it hurt so, Having to know, The sad echoes, Of stomping toes. I’d imagine it gets easier, To reach the freezer, Before the memories tease, Drifting in with the breeze. How could I ever sigh, To lose such a high, Having you in my view, How time flew!


I drag along History of warsongs Dancing to drum beats While I stomp my feet. Can you feel the craze, The hate in my eyes ablaze, Raising my arms in praise, Of the old ways. I mock my enemy's defeat, Kicking dust at my feet, Dancing wildly to the beat, In the mid summer heat. … Continue reading Locks.


Till we meet again, Your memories ink my pen, Writing stories stuck in my brain. In an attempt to erase the pain. Staring at an empty page, Trying to express the rage, Of a man drifting through hope, the disappointments wont stop. I walked away from my crown Jeweled by your smile, I'll frown, Ripping … Continue reading Unsent