Till we meet again, Your memories ink my pen, Writing stories stuck in my brain. In an attempt to erase the pain. Staring at an empty page, Trying to express the rage, Of a man drifting through hope, the disappointments wont stop. I walked away from my crown Jeweled by your smile, I'll frown, Ripping … Continue reading Unsent


Getting trinkets while i give gems Is why i call love a game. Taking time to look beyond "fine" While you use pick up lines. I do foreplay like casting for a play, You use lines memorised yesterday. I scream at night life's not fair, You go out pretend you don't care. I get high … Continue reading Contest

I replay the day we met, like a play on a stage set. you smile at me every day, will you walk again my way? I used to play a smooth game, but it has never been the same, i stumble and fall, rushing to pick your call. It shouldn’t be like this, talking to … Continue reading


I could be like a tree, Rooted here waiting to see, If you’d come back to me, Like a moon and tide at sea.   I could be like the moon, If my sunlight would come soon. To chase away the stars, Sounds better than fast cars.   Can I be this selfish dream? A … Continue reading MEMORY